Apple Pectin

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The medicinal historical use of apple powder are lung function, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, and allergies. Most of the apples medicinal qualities traditionally treat chronic illness. 'An apple a day' is an important adage to follow.There are so many more benefits inherent in the apple, such as; antibacterial, antiinflamitory, anti PMS, antiseptic, nematicided (round worms), and neuroprotective.

The pectin in the apple has and amphoteric action. This means it is either laxative or antidiarrheal, according to the body's needs. The apple itself is digested in 85 minutes.The acids and enzymes that help it to be digested so quickly also aid in digesting other foods as well.

Apple Pectin powder has been traditionally known to bind with bile acids to decrease cholesterol and fat absorption. The pectin has natural ways to lower cholesterol, fat emulsifier, and in herbal healing.

The apple also contains qualities that help prevent the eye and nerve damage associated with diabetes. This happens when too much sugar alcohol, called sorbitol gets trapped in nerve and eye cells. Apples have the quality of being an Aldose Reductase inhibitor. This quality may be means of delaying this common effect of diabetes.

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